Anti-data sales
100% free

The world of apps is full of contradictions. “Social” media apps make us anti-social, “stress reduction” apps give us more to keep track of, and educational apps draw inspiration from Candy-Crush. Millions have smart phones, but not the few dollars needed for monthly subscriptions. In principle, knowledge has never been more accessible, yet companies still aggressively hinder access to educational tools in the name of profit.

Such companies believe that there’s no problem in this. Their “learning” apps are made to be profitable: either by limiting access (“If you wanna learn well, you gotta go premium”), or through non-sequitur advertisements (“Hey, you’re learning Spanish!? Check out this ad for gummy bears!”). If not with money, you pay with data. If not with data, with your attention. For these companies, more effort goes into making apps addictive rather than genuinely worthwhile for users.

We believe however that education is a human right, and thus incompatible with the profit motive.

We don’t want to withhold educational software from people who can’t afford it. We don’t want to spoil the user experience with ads or over-gamification. And please don’t be offended, but we don’t care about your data.

Then why do it?

Because we are dedicated language learners frustrated with profit-driven language apps, and because education must always be free.